10 Dog Sweater Crochet Patterns

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We all love our dogs. They have become a integral part of our family life. Fiber artists enjoy making handmade gifts for family members. What better handmade gift to give your four-legged friend than a dog sweater. With this round up of different styles and sizes, you are sure to find just what your beloved pup needs.

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The Cha Cha Dog Sweater Dress by Ozark Nomad

This cute, frilly dog sweater dress is perfect to dress up your furry friend for holidays or just because. Pattern instructions allow to make for any size dog. This is a premium pattern.

A chihuahua in a crocheted pink frilly sweater dress.

The Maggie Dog Sweater by Posh Pooch Designs

A darling sweater with a lovely added flower motif. This pattern is available from XXS-M sizes. It is available as a free and premium pattern.

Two chihuahuas in colorful sweaters. One sweater is pink and yellow with a flower on the back. One is blue and yellow with no flower.

Ready to Roam Sweater by Make and Do Crew

This sweater comes in nine sizes! Also, includes two choices on finishes. Seamed or button closure, because every dog’s wiggle factor is different when trying to dress them. This is a free pattern.

A big dog in a blue, white, red sweater.

Basic Sweater Tutorial by Maria’s Blue Crayon

The great thing about this dog sweater is it takes you step by step on how to measure your dog and make it customized for them. This is more a tutorial than an actual pattern. Free on the blog.

Two cute cockapoo dogs sitting on a couch wearing blue sweaters.

Decorative Loop Dog Sweater by Stitchwerx Designs

This sweater has a lovely design in it. It comes in XS, S, and M but has suggestions to alter the size for a custom fit. This is a premium pattern.

A Papillion dog wearing a green sweater with an arrow type design.
A circle image of wander yarn from Furls.

Furls has a new yarn with a great selection which would make your dog sweater outstanding. Click the picture above to get yours today.

Jovi’s Jumper (Tunisian Sweater) from byGillBux

This sweater is made in the Tunisian entrelac style. Written in UK terms. Made in 5 sizes (with a bonus explanation for a smaller size and 2 other large sizes) This is a premium pattern.

A short stubby dog wearing a white sweater.

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Cinco De Mayo Poncho/Sombrero Set by Sarah Barnes

While this is not a sweater, it is a cute set and the poncho would keep the neck and chest warm. It is made for a small dog but can be adjusted to fit medium and large breed. This is a premium pattern.

A stuffed dog modeling a crocheted poncho and sombrero.

Dandy Dog Sweater by Heart Hook Home

This stylish sweater is available in XS, S, and M. It’s worked from neck down in one piece with no sewing. This is a free pattern.

A dachshund mix standing on a step wearing a green sweater.

Dog Jacket with Bow by ShiFio

This adorable jacket comes with a bow. It comes with an explanation on how to measure to get the correct fit. This is a premium pattern.

A Shih Tzu laying on a wooden floor wearing a pink crocheted jacket and wearing a bow.

Turtleneck DK Sweater by Gemma Brown

This colorful turtleneck sweater fits small-medium dogs. This is a premium pattern.

Four picture graphic of colorful dog sweaters and a bull dog and pit bull puppy wearing them.

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I hope you found some fabulous sweaters to make your furry family member. May you enjoy the process of making one and bonding with your pup at the same time.

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