15 Crochet Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers

Do you have a dog lover in your life? Or maybe you are a dog lover. These crochet gift ideas directed at those who love pups is perfect for you. You will find a variety of designs all with a dog theme, from clothing for the pups to décor for the home. Get all the dog lovers scratched off your holiday list.

PInterest pin of crochet gift ideas for dog lovers with gray paw print pillow, blue dog sweater, and orange crossbody doggy bag.

In this post filled with crochet patterns, you will find pillows, coasters, dog sweaters, bags to aid on your daily walks, amigurumi and more. While most of these are free patterns, some are not.

A picture collage of crochet gift ideas for dog lovers.

Crochet Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers

Crochet Gift of a blue dog sweater on a small white furry dog.

Cabled Dog Sweater by A Crocheted Simplicity

Find the pattern HERE

Gray crochet pawprint pillow.

Paw Print Pillow Cover by Jo To The World

Find the pattern HERE

Multi colored crochet dog bed with a small brown dog sitting on top of it.

Brookie’s Pet Bed by Snappy Tots

Find the pattern HERE

Crossbody Doggy Bag by Madame Stitch

Find the pattern HERE

Crochet pawprint bookmark with a heart on the other end. Perfect crochet gift.

Paw Print Bookmark by TimmelCrochet

Find the pattern HERE

Crochet Puppy Dog by Jenn Hayes Creations

Find the pattern HERE

Crochet gift idea of pawprint coasters.

Paw Print Coasters by Jo To The World

Find the pattern HERE

Chewy’s Dog Sweater by A Crocheted Simplicity

Find the pattern HERE

Dash The Crochet Dog by Chai Coffee Crochet

Find the pattern HERE

C2C Best in Show Blanket by Make and Do Crew

Find the pattern HERE

Crochet dog hat gift idea. Blue and yellow hat on a golden retriever.

Dog Hat by Golden Lucy Crafts

Find the pattern HERE

Puppy Dog Ornament by TimmelCrochet

Find the pattern HERE

Flip Flop Puppy by Darling Maple Designs

Find the pattern HERE

Easy Dog Sweater by Make and Do Crew

Find the pattern HERE

Tuxedo Dog Bandana by Jo To The World

Find the pattern HERE

I hope you enjoyed this menagerie of crochet gift ideas. Did you find the perfect present to make your loved one? Did you grab some good ideas for your own dog?

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Do you struggle with dog measurements? How do I measure my dog? How big or small should I make something for my dog? What measurements should I make a dog sweater, hat, bandana?

Struggle no more with my free Dog Measurement Guide. You will find all you need to become a pro with all your measurement needs. Learn more about it HERE

Have a pawsome day!

Easy Homemade Dog Treats

We all love our dogs and want to feed them the best. This is sometimes attained by making our own homemade dog treats. You can feel good about giving your furry family member something wholesome and yummy. Here you will find a simple recipe for delicious treats your dog will be begging for.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on one, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

An info-graphic for homemade dog treats with pictures of pumpkin, oats, peanut butter, and a white dog.

Homemade Dog Treats Ingredients

Disclaimer: Do not use peanut butter with xylitol, which is deadly for dogs!

For these very simple treats, you will only need 3 ingredients. Super easy!

1 cup old fashioned oats

1/3 cup pumpkin

1/4 cup all natural peanut butter

A whole lot of love–okay that’s technically 4 ingredients 🙂

Golden Retriever with a homemade dog treat sitting on nose.
Photo by McDobbie Hu on Unsplash

Your dog will love these treats so much, maybe they will even do a special trick!

Make your pet a cartoon. Click the image below to find out how.


Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

Add oats to a food processor and blend to make flour. Some lumps are alright. In a bowl, add the processed oats, pumpkin, and peanut butter. Combine until dough forms.

Roll out dough with rolling pin and cut shapes with cookie cutters. Place on cookie sheet and bake for 30 minutes.

Cool on wire rack.

Place in an airtight container and store in refrigerator for 1-2 weeks. If your dog lets them last that long, “wink, wink”!


Let me know in the comments if your dog loves these treats.

Other homemade dog treats

My good friend, Annie has just started a wonderful business making homemade dog treats and dog food. She Knows Dogs, LLC. I bought a sampler pack of treats from her, and my pups couldn’t get enough. She uses quality ingredients and puts a lot of love in them. Her motto is “Feel great about what you are giving your best friend.”

A whole pile of small, round homemade dog treats.

Her website is currently a work in progress, but you can find her contact info there.

She Knows Dogs, LLC

You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram

You won’t be disappointed!

Have you seen the book on Amazon from Dr. Gary Richter, #1 Amazon Best Selling Author? He’s also been named America’s Favorite Veterinarian. It’s a guide for western medicine and alternative care that helps you navigate the world of pet health and nutrition.

If you love to spoil your dogs with handmade gifts or you crochet and are looking for dog related crochet patterns, take a look at either of my shops.

Check out some of my free dog related crochet patterns HERE

Dog Measurement Guide

Do you know how to measure your dog? Are you aware of the typical measurements of dogs? If you have any plans to buy or make your own dog clothes, it’s important to know these things. I have a free 3 page dog measurement guide to help you out.

You can find it HERE

Have a pawsitively pawsome day!

Dog Measurement Guide

Do you struggle with measurements when it comes to making your own crochet dog clothes? Not sure what size to get when buying your dog clothes? This handy dog measurement guide is the answer to your dilemma.

Included in this free guide is how and where to measure your dog. You will find typical measurements for each size. There is also a handy sheet to print and keep track of all those measurements.

A puppy get measured with a green measuring tape.

How to get your free dog measurement guide

Grab your free three page guide and have confidence the next time to make a dog sweater or hat. Know the correct size to buy when shopping online or in stores.

Check out some patterns to try out your new found skills:

10 Dog Sweater Crochet Patterns

Flower Dog Bandana

I love to see your makes! Tag me on social media @timmelcrochet

Have a Pawsome Day!

Hooded Tiger Blanket Crochet Pattern

This hooded tiger blanket holds a special place in my heart. While I tend to stick to dog-related designs, I’ve decided to share it to coincide with Give Something Away Day, on July 15th, 2021. Read on to find out why this blanket is dear to me, and how you can get a free download of the pattern.

“Giving benefits us all… The giver also benefits. Giving not only makes us feel good but it teaches gratitude, too. Whether we give financially or by offering our skills and services, we lift others up.”

Quote by: https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-give-something-away-day-july-15/

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on one, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. These help me continue to bring you free content.

How the Hooded Tiger Blanket Came About

A few years ago, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a pattern for a child size Hooded Unicorn Blanket by BriAbby. You can find that pattern HERE.

My granddaughter absolutely adores unicorns, and I loved unicorns before they were cool. So, of course, the thought that popped into this grandma’s head, “This is the perfect Christmas gift for her.” I bought the pattern, got the yarn in all the pretty pinks and purples she loves, and made this beautiful unicorn blanket. Needless to say, she absolutely loved it.

A friend of the family, who played on a softball team with Tigers in their name, asked, “Can you make an adult sized, tiger one?” And my brain went, “Hmmmm.” And the Hooded Tiger Blanket was born. Oh, and that family friend adored the blanket.

Another reason the blanket is special

My son, Jesse, modeled the blanket for me in all the photos. He is autistic and socially distanced as most with this condition are. He keeps to himself and stays out of the limelight. Quiet frogs and turtles are more his scene, not loud, roaring tigers.

Can you say thrilled? That was me when he agreed to be my model. He had fun and was quite amused(as you can see from the smirk on his face) as I repositioned the blanket several times trying to get it just right for the photo. A cherished memory was made that day for both of us.

A young man sitting on a black leather couch wearing a crochet Hooded Tiger Blanket.

How this Hooded Tiger Blanket gave something to me

“Cha-ching” What a wonderful, musical sound. The Etsy App sound. If you are a handmade seller, you know what I’m talking about. The Hooded Tiger Blanket was my very first sale on Etsy in not one, but two shops. What are the odds of that?

Give Something Away Day

So now, I want to give back. On July 15, 2021 starting at 12 am EST for 24 hours, to celebrate Give Something Away Day, you can get a free PDF download of the Hooded Tiger Blanket. Click the Ravelry Button below, which will take you to the pattern. Upon checkout, use coupon code GIVEBACK to get your free pattern. This will only work on the date listed above.

Pattern Instructions includes 2 sizes:

Teen/Adult Size: 79″ x 60″

Child Size:  50″ x 45″


#4 worsted weight yarn in Orange, Black, and a little White for the ears

US I (5.5 mm) and J (6 mm) hooks     

Needle for sewing on parts

Optional: Pins (They keep pieces in place while sewing)

Close up picture of young man in wearing the hood of a Hooded Tiger Blanket.

Several of my designer friends are participating in Give Something Away Day as well. Check out their posts below to see what they are giving away.

Sweet Potato 3 Christine is sharing a cute peppermint twist hat.

Creative Snugglies Christina is sharing amigurumi dolphins.

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Do you love pattern bundles? You can get these amazing Summer Exclusives, Curated by Cosy Rosie UK designs for one super low price.

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Have a pawsome day and don’t forget to give something away. You’ll feel terrific after!


Amigurumi Dog and Plant Cozy Crochet Pattern

Puppy Pot is a crochet pattern for an amigurumi dog and plant/basket cozy all in one. It’s as cute as it is functional. You can keep all your crochet hooks close at hand on your desk. Make one for a child to keep their pens and pencils. Pop a small plant in it to brighten your space. It makes the perfect dog lover gift.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on one, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. These help me to continue to bring free patterns to you.

Pinterest pin of an amigurumi dog with the text Amigurumi Pattern and Puppy Pot.

Supplies Needed For Amigurumi Dog/Pot Cozy

  • #4 acrylic yarn—I used Red Heart Soft 275 yds MC, 15 yds CC for belly
  • 12 mm safety eyes
  • 15 mm safety nose
  • I used a small amount of DK yarn for the white around the eyes.
  • Polyfil stuffing
  • 3 1/2″ diameter x 4″ high container (I used an empty frosting can)

Abbreviations Used:

MC=main color

CC=contrasting color 

Rnd: Round     

MR=magic ring

sc=single crochet



Inv Dec=invisible decrease



dc=double crochet

BL=back loops

yo=yarn over

Special Stitches Used:

Puff Stitch

Popcorn Stitch

Skill Level:

Easy to Intermediate: general knowledge of amigurumi needed

This premium crochet pattern is available in both my Ravelry and Etsy shops. It is a 7 page PDF. It includes written instructions for special stitches. For those who are visual learners, there are links to video tutorials as well. The puppy is 8″ high. I used an empty frosting can for the cozy insert. Yay for recycling!

Click either button below to snag your copy today.

Short Video Amigurumi Dog

My testers loved making their amigurumi dog. Check out their versions below.

Perfect Dog Lover’s Gift

The Puppy Pot would make the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life. Christmas, Birthday, or Just Because, anyone would love to receive this cute pup. Children would love to keep their treasures in the pot. I like to put a faux succulent in mine as well.

Gray amigurumi dog with white belly with a crochet plant cozy. A nameplate with TimmelCrochet sits in front of the dog.

When you make the Puppy Pot, I would love to see your version. Tag me on Facebook or Instagram @timmelcrochet or share in my Facebook Group Timmelcrochet For Dogs

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Here is another amigurumi dog pattern you might enjoy:

Puppy Dog Ornament

Thanks for popping in! Have a pawsome day!


Walk on Your Wild Side Wildlife Edition

Walk on Your Wild Side Day is April 12th, and it encourages us to take a chance. It’s a call to the inner strength within you, to do something out of your comfort zone. Do something wild and crazy, and perhaps a little daring.

Quote from www.holidayinsights.com

But, I’m not actually talking about you, though. Your pup is who I’m thinking about. Let them bring out their inner wild side. How do I do that, you ask?

By making and giving them the gift of a Hua Headwarmer, Wildlife Edition. I already know the question you’re about to ask. What is a Hua Headwarmer? Well, you see, Hua(hoo-ah) is an affectionate term we used in a dog daycare I worked at for a Chihuahua.

A cute, tan chihuahua with straight ears looking at the camera for Walk on Your Wild Side Day.
This is a Hua!

And a headwarmer, of course, would be a hat. So Hua Headwarmer=Chihuahua Hat.

Disclaimer: It also fits other small breed dogs similar to the Hua. Psst: don’t tell the chihuahuas that. They think it’s all about them.

Backstory of the Hua Headwarmer

A co-worker at the dog daycare sent me a internet video of a chihuahua wearing a knitted hat with a Pom Pom on top. She asked, “With your rad skills, do you think you can crochet this?” Not one to walk away from a challenge, I said, “Sure, I’ll give it a try.”

The next day to her amazement, I brought in the hat I had made. We popped it on her chihuahua, Banana. The picture below is the result.

A blond chihuahua wearing a crochet hat with a Pom Pom and a blue and orange bandana.
This is the original Hua Headwarmer

A Hua with a Headwarmer! And henceforth, Hua Headwarmers became a hot commodity. They are very popular in the colder weather. All the cool chihuahuas rave about them.

They went a tad viral one holiday season, and I made and sent out over 500 of them in a two month period. There is a Hua Headwarmer in every state. They even went to Spain and France. You can find the original and several other designs, like Puff Stitch, Ribbed, and Double Pom Pom, for custom order in my Etsy Shop.

And because I’m a BIG unicorn lover, you will also find the Hua-corn Headwarmer! I also made a Bunny one. But, I decided to challenge myself even further.

Walk on Your Wild Side Hua Headwarmers

Now, on to the Wildlife Edition. I decided to take the original and add some fun features. A couple of ears here, a couple of horns there, then add a few spots and maybe a mane.

For all my Hua Headwarmers, I use Caron Simply Soft Yarn. It’s soft and easy to work with.

And Viola! Giraffe Hua Headwarmer

It was so cute. I didn’t want to stop there. Why not create a whole line of Wildlife Editions? I started doodling a bunch of pictures.

Now, imagine the theme song to Jaws in your head as you look at the next picture. “Dun,dun,dun,dun”

Walk on Your Wild Side with a shark hat on a stuffed chihuahua.

Feature in Pet Appreciation Blog Hop

Bzzzz Bzzzz! What is that buzzing in my ear? It’s a Busy Bee Hua Headwarmer, of course. Yea, technically a bee is not wildlife, but the design got in my head, and I had to do it.

This crochet pattern will be featured in the Pet Appreciation Blog Hop hosted by Jo’s Crafty Hook on Monday, August 21, 2023. On that day, you will be able to get a free PDF download of the pattern through Ravelry. Hit the button below to get the coupon code.

A stuffed dog wearing a bee hat standing next to a square container of succulents.
Cute little bee!

Once you have the coupon code, return here and hit the button below to go to the Ravelry pattern. Input your code at check out, and the Busy Bee Hua Headwarmer will buzz it’s way into your Ravelry library.

Hua Headwarmer Wildlife Edition Patterns

After I had made these three cute designs, I realized it was a lot more work to make these hats than the original Hua Headwarmer. I made the decision to sell them as crochet patterns only and not products. You can find all three patterns separately and as a bundle in both of my shops. Click either link below.

Oh, I almost forgot to introduce you to my top model in most of the photos. My chihuahua plushie, “Buttercup”, so named by my granddaughter. She loved her so much, she would steal her from me every time she came to visit. So being a very smart and loving Grandma, I bought another one just for her. She named it “Reeses.” But then, she took it home with her and still steals Buttercup when she visits. Ha Ha Ha! Nice try, Grandma!

What’s Next in this Wild Side Series?

What will be the next Hua Headwarmer Wildlife Edition pattern? Let’s see how good your memory is. What wild animal was in the cover photo at the top of the page?

Tsk Tsk! No fair scrolling back to the top.

If you like to learn some interesting things about dogs, check out my post: 15 Cool Facts About Dogs

If you’re a crocheter, check out my Patterns.

I bet you thought I wasn’t going to show you the next Wildlife Edition that will be coming out. Did you guess the correct animal or did you cheat by scrolling?

If you took a Walk on Your Wild Side, you'd definitely see a crocheted lion hat.
If you guessed Lion, good job!

I hope you enjoyed my take on Walk on Your Wild Side Day. Now go do something fun, adventurous and wild!

And if you crochet, and make one of my wild Hua Headwarmers, please tag me on Instagram or Facebook @timmelcrochet

I’ve teamed up with some other crochet bloggers. Why don’t you take a look at their take on Walk on Your Wild Side Day!

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Millennial Maker Co.

Have a pawsome day!


10 Dog Sweater Crochet Patterns

We all love our dogs. They have become a integral part of our family life. Fiber artists enjoy making handmade gifts for family members. What better handmade gift to give your four-legged friend than a dog sweater. With this round up of different styles and sizes, you are sure to find just what your beloved pup needs.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click one, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

The Cha Cha Dog Sweater Dress by Ozark Nomad

This cute, frilly dog sweater dress is perfect to dress up your furry friend for holidays or just because. Pattern instructions allow to make for any size dog. This is a premium pattern.

A chihuahua in a crocheted pink frilly sweater dress.

The Maggie Dog Sweater by Posh Pooch Designs

A darling sweater with a lovely added flower motif. This pattern is available from XXS-M sizes. It is available as a free and premium pattern.

Two chihuahuas in colorful sweaters. One sweater is pink and yellow with a flower on the back. One is blue and yellow with no flower.

Ready to Roam Sweater by Make and Do Crew

This sweater comes in nine sizes! Also, includes two choices on finishes. Seamed or button closure, because every dog’s wiggle factor is different when trying to dress them. This is a free pattern.

A big dog in a blue, white, red sweater.

Basic Sweater Tutorial by Maria’s Blue Crayon

The great thing about this dog sweater is it takes you step by step on how to measure your dog and make it customized for them. This is more a tutorial than an actual pattern. Free on the blog.

Two cute cockapoo dogs sitting on a couch wearing blue sweaters.

Decorative Loop Dog Sweater by Stitchwerx Designs

This sweater has a lovely design in it. It comes in XS, S, and M but has suggestions to alter the size for a custom fit. This is a premium pattern.

A Papillion dog wearing a green sweater with an arrow type design.
A circle image of wander yarn from Furls.

Furls has a new yarn with a great selection which would make your dog sweater outstanding. Click the picture above to get yours today.

Jovi’s Jumper (Tunisian Sweater) from byGillBux

This sweater is made in the Tunisian entrelac style. Written in UK terms. Made in 5 sizes (with a bonus explanation for a smaller size and 2 other large sizes) This is a premium pattern.

A short stubby dog wearing a white sweater.

If you are enjoying this post, be sure to also check out my 15 Crochet Dog Accessories Post

Pinterest Pin 10 dog sweater crochet patterns with 3 photos of dogs wearing sweaters.

Cinco De Mayo Poncho/Sombrero Set by Sarah Barnes

While this is not a sweater, it is a cute set and the poncho would keep the neck and chest warm. It is made for a small dog but can be adjusted to fit medium and large breed. This is a premium pattern.

A stuffed dog modeling a crocheted poncho and sombrero.

Dandy Dog Sweater by Heart Hook Home

This stylish sweater is available in XS, S, and M. It’s worked from neck down in one piece with no sewing. This is a free pattern.

A dachshund mix standing on a step wearing a green sweater.

Dog Jacket with Bow by ShiFio

This adorable jacket comes with a bow. It comes with an explanation on how to measure to get the correct fit. This is a premium pattern.

A Shih Tzu laying on a wooden floor wearing a pink crocheted jacket and wearing a bow.

Turtleneck DK Sweater by Gemma Brown

This colorful turtleneck sweater fits small-medium dogs. This is a premium pattern.

Four picture graphic of colorful dog sweaters and a bull dog and pit bull puppy wearing them.

Would you like to learn some awesome facts about dogs? Check out this post 15 Cools Facts About Dogs

I hope you found some fabulous sweaters to make your furry family member. May you enjoy the process of making one and bonding with your pup at the same time.

TimmelCrochet logo of a drawn dog holding a bone in its mouth.

If you would like to join my pack, and get awesome treats click the button below.

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Puppy Dog Ornament Crochet Pattern

This cute puppy dog ornament will look wonderful hanging from your Christmas Tree this year. It’s the perfect way to include your favorite four-legged family member in the festivities. With so many color possibilities, you’re sure to match your pup closely. Pattern includes directions for pointed or floppy ears. Your dog has folded ears. No problem. Make the pointed ears then fold them over.

This ornament would make a thoughtful gift for the dog lover in your life. Handmade and dog related. Win Win!

Pinterest pin showing several puppy dog ornaments hanging in a small pine tree with lights.

Click either of the buttons below for a premium PDF download of the pattern and other dog related patterns and products.

Puppy Dog Ornament Feature

This ornament was featured in Trim The Tree Blog Hop hosted by Juniper & Oakes. Click the round up below to check out all the ornament patterns.

Hanging Puppy Dog ornament in a cream color with pointed ears and red bow on its head, hanging from a pine tree.

Other Fun Dog Crochet Patterns

Are you looking for other easy gifts for the dog lover on your list. Are they also a reader? My paw print bookmark would be the perfect answer. Or how about a dog tissue box cover to make those boring tissues fun. Click either picture below for the free pattern.

A brown paw print flat crocheted bookmark.
Pawprint Bookmark
Dog Tissue Box Cover

I hope you will truly love the Puppy Dog Ornament. A lot of heart went into every stitch. May it find a special spot on your Christmas tree this year and for many years to come.

I would love to see all your ornaments. Please tag me @timmelcrochet on Facebook and Instagram. Better yet, show off your hanging pups in my Facebook Group TimmelCrochet For Dogs.

Pinterest pin with 3 different Puppy Dog Ornaments hanging in a pine tree.

Make sure you join my pack for pawsome members only coupons, discounts, special sales, and get my free Dog Measurement Guide.


Have you ever wondered if you could turn your crochet hobby into a business? I wondered too, and I did some research and came across a webinar that completely changed my life. If you want to take the plunge and change your life too, check out the link below.

You won’t be disappointed. I know I wasn’t. I now have not one but two crochet businesses. And I owe it all to taking the first step of clicking on this webinar:


Until next time, Woof Woof!

A puppy holding a bone logo picture.

15 Cool Facts About Dogs

Image by Jeff Chabot from Pixabay

We all love dogs. They have become such a part of our culture and our family that they sleep with us, eat with us, hang out with us. They are our tried and true companions, our best friends, and our confidants. They give us unconditional love, only wanting to please us and get love in return.

How much do you know about dogs? I bet there will be one or two things in this list you didn’t know. I’ve worked with dogs my entire adult life, and there’s some I didn’t know either.

So on to the list:

  1. A dog’s nose print is as unique as your fingerprint. No two nose prints are alike.

2. Speaking of noses, a dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than ours. Can you imagine being able to smell something bad 10,000 times more. Yuck! Dogs don’t seem to mind though.

3. How about a dog’s ears? They can hear 4 times the distance. That’s probably why I can never sneak a bag of chips without them knowing.

4. Your dog circles around and around, then curls up in a ball to sleep. Do you know why? They do it not only to stay warm but as an innate instinct to protect their vital organs.

5. And speaking of sleeping, puppies sleep 18-20 hours a day while growing. “Mom, I’m gonna go take a nap” Zonk! Wake up 18 hours later.

6. While we’re on the subject of puppies, they have 28 teeth. Adults have 42.

7. A dog’s sleep is much like ours and that is why they dream.

8. Dog’s can sense time: Probably why my dog Ginger bugs me every day at 5 pm. It’s dinner time!

The bigger one is the aforementioned time senser.

9. Dogs only sweat through the pads of their feet.

10. While we are contemplating that, has your dog’s paws ever smelled like Fritos? It’s because a combination of microorganisms and sweat give off a nutty aroma. I will never think of Fritos in the same way again!

11. Dogs do not only see in black and white. They can also see color, mostly blue and yellow.

12. Dogs can recognize more than 150 words. When mine are outside, and I yell “Hungry Hippos,” they come running!

13. Do you know all the reasons dogs bark? They are being protective, sounding the alarm, bored, greeting you, or they want attention. Or maybe they just like to hear themselves talk. We all know that one in the group.

14. When you pet a dog, not only does your blood pressure goes down, but so does the dog’s.

15. And lastly, both humans and dogs excrete the hormone oxytocin(the love hormone) It’s been studied that long-term friendship between humans and dogs might be due to oxytocin positive interactions between them.

Photograph: MBI/Alamy

Did you learn at least one thing you didn’t know about dogs? Dogs are special creatures, and life would be lonely and boring without them. And life for them would be lonely and boring without us.

If you are looking for a dog, check out your local shelter. There are so many lost and lonely pups waiting for their furever home! All of my dogs (4) were rescues and they are the best kind!

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Brickwork Stitch Tutorial

A stitch tutorial for the Brickwork Stitch.

The brickwork stitch is a lovely textured stitch. It uses treble crochets and front loops to create a raised alternating brick pattern. I’ve used a 3 color sequence to allow you to see where the front loop stitches are and therefore making it easier for you to learn the stitch. It would look pretty in a 2 color repeat or if you are more interested in the texture, a single color would work as well.

It would make an adorable baby blanket using pastel baby colors. Use a chunky yarn, and you could create place mats or hot pads.

With this stitch,after the first 2 rows are made, you will crochet on the right side only. Keep this in mind when deciding on a project, as it is not reversible. For instance, only one side of a blanket would have the texture. For a place mat or hot pad, it would not matter as you only use one side. There is also a lot of weaving of ends. You may want to weave as you go. Use a hook size compatible with your yarn size. For this demonstration, I used a 4 mm (G) hook. The Lilac Yarn is Red Heart Soft and the Cream and Green(Limelight) Yarn are Caron Simply Soft.

Abbreviations Used:

ch= chain, sc=single crochet, hdc=half double crochet, FL=front loops, BL=back loops, tr=treble, rep=repeat, st=stitch

Multiple is 6 sts + 3, plus 1 for foundation chain.

Step 1: Work the number of foundation chains you need for your project in Yarn A.(Lilac) Sc in 3rd ch from hook, and in each ch across, turn.

Step 2: Ch 1 (counts as sc), skip first sc, sc in FL only of each sc across, changing to yarn B (Cream) in the yarn over of final sc, turn. Fasten off yarn A. (Lilac)

Step 3: In yarn B(Cream), ch 2 (counts as hdc), skip 1st st, work hdc (in both loops) of every sc across. Fasten off Yarn B, but do not turn work. From here you will not be turning, but joining the yarn back at the beginning of each row.

Treble Crochet ( Yarn over twice, pull through 2 loops, yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over pull through final 2 loops.) See illustration below.

Step 4: If using 3 colors, join Yarn C (Green). If using 2 or just one color, join Yarn A(Lilac) to beginning of previous row, ch 1 (counts as sc), 1 tr in FL only of next 2 sc from 2 rows below, sc in BL only of next 3 hdc, *tr in FL only of next 3 sc 2 rows below, sc in BL only of next 3 hdc: rep from * to last 3 sts, tr in FL only of next 2 sc from 2 rows below, sc in last sc. Fasten off, but do not turn.

Step 5: Repeat step 3. If using 3 colors, join Yarn A(Lilac). If using 2 colors, join yarn B(Cream).

Picture is showing 5 rows of the Brickwork Stitch completed.
5 rows completed

Step 6: If using 3 colors, join Yarn B(Cream), if using 2 colors, join Yarn A(Lilac) to beginning of previous row, Ch 1 (counts as sc) sc in BL only of next 2 hdc, *tr in FL only of next 3 sc 2 rows below, sc in BL only of next 3 hdc; rep from * to end. Fasten off but do not turn.

Step 7: Repeat step 3. If using 3 colors, join Yarn C (green), if using 2 colors, join Yarn B(Cream)

Step 8: Repeat Steps 4-7 for whatever length the project is.

I hope you enjoyed learning this brickwork stitch and are able to use it in your next project. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Subscribe if you would like to be informed when new content is added. Until next time, have a happy day and Happy Crocheting!